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governor brown thanked firefighters in tuolomne. on sunday he got a call from president obama offering federal help. >> well i think we have what we need but this is kind of a daily every day we take a look at it and whatever i'm requested i'll certainly not hesitate to call president obama if i think we need more than we have. >>reporter: the cost of the fire has topped 20 million dollars and is still growing. in tuolomne, abc 7 news. >> now what about the smoke and the weather conditions on the fire line? fch sandhya is tracking that tonight with live doppler 7 hd sandhya. >> yes larry. right now i show you the current conditions there. humidity has been increasing which of course is good news and winds decreasing. we watch the fog here in the bay area check out the conditions at the rim fire. skype degrees relative humidity has come up 45 percent. wind out of the north north west to 5 and certainly not as gusty as earlier today. here's satellite picture smoke from the rim fire you cap see it continues to clearly head into nevada and still moving all the way up towards reno into
was burglarize. >> up next on 7 news at 11:00. an international set become for president obama. >> also. word from north korea about the young leader and the untimely death of his former girlfriend. >> also. fire burning in and around yosemite slowing down a little. that is why no one declares victory yet. >> famous old bridge troll destiny uncertain for weeks. cal-trans decision nichblingts from the sutro tower cam are watching san francisco some fog out there check out the wake up weather. plus look at what the. >> major set back today for president obama and effort to build an international coalition to support military striking against sir yeah. britain parliament rejected a vote endorsing action to intervene in the crisis in damascas meaning britain wouldn't play any direct role in u.s. attack. 0pwachl administration presented new evidence to lawmakers today that syrian government forces used chemical weapons against their own people. signal the u.s. could be willing to act alone. >> bizarre story from north korea where the country dictator reportedly had former girlfriend execute
which will be honored by president obama in september. >> schools educate people in single room occupancies. >> our thanks to everyone who attended tonight's meeting. if your group would like to team up with abc7 to host our next meeting just go to our community page at and click on the abc7 listens meeting. we will share the stories we learned about tonight on the news. >> you may be able to hear the cheering on the peninsula after a big win for the belmont redwood shores little league team. with a score of 3-2 they defeated a team from chula vista and swept the regional series. the game was in san bernadino and a viewing party was held in belmont. tonight's win means they take the top seed as they enter the semifinals on friday. this has been a lot of fun to watch the series. >> and boy they played fantastic. >>> let's get a check on the forecast right now. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here. >> hi, dan and carolynment -- carolyn. summer is making a return. we do have some changes com hea. live doppler 7hd is showing the low clouds around the coast a
morning on "good morning america." president obama and the first t out on the town tonight heading to a popular indian restaurant to celebrate the president's birthday. he turned 52 on sunday ask celebrated at camp david. tonight's dinner was kept off the record until they arrived. >> thousands of music fans will pour into san francisco to tick off the first day of the music festival. they are a tracking monster acts. paul mccartney will be there and nine inch nails and the red hol chili peppers will be there. they feature food and wine booths and it is sold out. >> will it warm up for the festival? >> spencer is here. >> i have a feeling many people won't care much about it. it will be nice. we had low clouds and fog throughout the evening. some of the low clouds will push over the bay, but we had a big event overnight and early this we hadncisco. we had record rainfall for this date. 3/100s of an inch. hardly a downpour. breaks the old record of 2/100s of an inch. well to the north in the part of the state with thunderstorm activities this afternoon and lightning strikes that add
so to speak in terms of a potential jury pool. >> just friday president obama had this to say. >> no, i don't think mr. snowden was a patriot. there were other avenues available for somebody whose conscience was stirred. >> mr. obama outlined new measures to reform the program that snowden revealed saying he would have done it anyway. >> i called for a thorough review of our surveillance operations before mr. snowden made these leaks. >> and the wikileak founder took issue with the administration saying reforms were made and snowden is owed a debt of gratitude. others say he has only earned his felony charges. abc news, the white house. >>> 18 of the 19 american diplomatic posts closed during the terror threat and are opening back up tonight. consulates will be fully operational in a few days. the u.s. embassy in yemen remains closed because of intercepted messages between al-qaeda operatives. >>> tonight a doctor in detroit is in jail accused of miss diagnosing cancer patients and giving them treatments they didn't need. government prosecutors say he gave his patients chemotherapy w
and influence. lady gaga has more twitter followers than president obama, a near perfect clout score, and trails only the queen, oprah on the "forbes" celebrity list. and with love like this, who knows? maybe someday soon she'll be taking the throne. thank you for watching abc news. "world news now" is coming up soon with overnight breaking news. i'll see you at "good morning america" tomorrow. and as always, we're online at good night. >> happening right now. lightning popping around the this is area tonight. this isn mateo. concern tonight is that one strike could spark disaste disaster. we caught lightning strike tower cam are video from our emeryville camera overlooking the bay with san francisco in the background as you can see. taken just after 8:00 p.m. you can see multiple strike which we have edited together to give awe sense of what happened during the evening. here's a look from our san mateo bridge camera. see the lightning strike there in the upper left portion of your screen. fairly dramatic. an with all that lightning we are seeing some rain. here's video sent
president obama. what he is saying tonight about the potential of american initter venges in syria. intervention in syria. and a father overjoyed to see hi why this moment was so emotional. also -- >> because they marched america became for free and more fair. >> 50 years after martin luther king, junior's speech, america still has a dream. plus the little girl who stole the show at today's ceremony. >> i'm abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. as you look at a live picture right now, foggy scene over san francisco. we'll check out your wake up weather. plus a look at united states has concluded the syrian government used weapons in an attack on its citizens. the president says he is now reviewing his options and will meet with his senior advisors and national security team about what to do. those options could include a retaliatory strike against the syrian government. the president insists though that u.s. involvement would not be a repeat of iraq. >>> take a look at this emotionally-charged video out of damascus. a father is reunited with his young son that he thought had pear
that would happen in my lifetime jie. he served every president from eisenhower to obama and working as a head store keeper. >> what are the items popular among presidents over the years. >> i know 41 didn't like broccoli. broccoli could not be served at the white house. >> one of hamilton's proudest moments was during the most painful period in american history. >> what was it like being a black man in the white house during the civil rights movement? >> it was very hard. they were promoting some people and not promoting blacks. >> so hamilton gave the white house an ultimatum. on behalf of the black butler staff they wanted more pay or they wouldn't work at a state dinner. >> we are not working at the state dinner. this is the only way we will get a raise. then two days later we got our raise. >> oprah winfrey was uhed by their cornel. >> the grace and nobility it took to do that and to hold your head up every day, i just have a greater sense of pride for those men in that time. >> a time hamilton says he will never forget, five decades of white house memories. abc news, washington
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8